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If you’re trying to figure out where to start, this is the class! Manual Mode is a 4-week, online class for beginning to intermediate photographers who want to use their camera beyond auto mode and consistently achieve good exposure. In language that you can understand, we’ll learn about fancy terms like aperture, ISO, and exposure so you can capture the photos you want! We’ll learn what the exposure triangle is and why it’s critical. There’s no need to be “in class” at any specific time because you check in when it’s convenient for you, whether it be during nap time, weekends or after the kids are tucked in. Click HERE for more info.

This 4-week class is the follow up to the Manual Mode class. If you’re already shooting in manual mode and getting good exposure in the majority of photos it’s time to move on. In this class we’ll learn all about focus and light. I want you to nail your focus in all your photos, and I’ll show you how! And I want you to know how to read the light in a space and use it to your advantage. Like all my classes, there’s no need to be “in class” at any specific time. You check in when it’s convenient for you, and I’ll be there the whole time to walk you through each step. Click HERE for all the class details.

Lightroom 101 Registration now OPEN
A 4-week class for anyone who wants to learn to edit photos and make them the best they can be. Via written lessons, video demonstrations and a private forum, you will first learn to use the Lightroom program to cull and organize our photos. Then we learn all about editing, things like how to crop, make photos brighter or darker, boost contrast, and convert them to black & white images. We’ll also learn how to whiten teeth, make eyes sparkle, fill shadows and so much more! There’s no need to be “in class” any particular time because you check in when it’s convenient for you. Click HERE for more info.


A 5-week online class for intermediate photographers who want to learn all about light and using it to your advantage! Through written lessons, videos and a private forum, we will examine the use of light and instruct how to shoot in various natural-light settings including back lighting, shooting in full direct sunlight, low-light and learning how to capture dramatic silhouettes! Photographers must already be comfortable shooting in manual mode and be able to get proper exposure and sharp focus the majority of the time, and must also know basic editing skills. Click HERE for more info.

Why do some photographs take our breath away, but others are just ho hum? And most importantly how can you give your photos that something special! In the 5-week, online class, Composition 101, we’ll learn the different compositional rules, how to apply them to our own photographs, and why it’s often okay to break the “rules.”  I want your photos to have that wow factor! This class has 11 lessons crammed with information and a private forum just for us. And there’s no need to be “in class” any particular time. Come and go when it’s convenient for you! Click HERE for more info.

Yes, I do one-on-one mentoring both online and in person, and I absolutely LOVE doing it! Whether you’re already a hobbyist, want to learn how to edit, or have no experience at all and want to learn how to use your camera, we can set up a custom-made objectives just for you! Ask me anything about photography, editing, composition, style or business related. We’ll determine our goals together. If it’s in-person training, I can even set up a shoot, and we can shoot together, edit side-by-side, and you can even provide the models if you want! Click HERE for more details.